Magic benefits of passion fruit

Passion fruit is a tropical fruit that grows in warm climates in southern Vietnam. This fruit has a soft pulp, lots of seeds inside the hard crust.

In general, passion fruit is spherical or ovoid, with a hard, smooth rind and wax. Inside is a chamber filled with orange water and has up to 250 small, hard particles.

There are two forms of passion fruit, distinguished by purple and yellow. Passion fruit has a thick and hard yellow skin, brown seeds, and a rich, acidic aroma. Meanwhile, purple fruits are much smaller, black seeds and sweeter.

So what is the effect of passion fruit? Here are the great benefits of passion fruit on health:

Supply nutrients to the body
You know that not only one passion fruit can meet 10% of the phosphorus your body needs in a day. Thanks to that it will help teeth and bones stronger. Not only phosphorus, the amount of iron passion fruit brings will meet 1/10 of the amount of iron the body needs during the day. Thanks to that, you have more energy to work!

Stabilize blood pressure
Studies have shown that up to 384mg of potassium per 100g of passion fruit. This potassium intake will neutralize the amount of sodium in the body. At the same time will help vein stretch better. The composition of passion fruit not only balances blood pressure, it also helps to make your blood vessels less stressful.

Preventing cancer cells
Passion fruit has up to 2 powerful antioxidants. These are polyphenol and carotenoid nutrients. In abundance, these two substances will contribute to preventing the formation and growth of cancer cells. The most effective are respiratory cancers like lung and mouth.

Combined with medicines to treat diabetes
The fiber content in passion fruit is a lot. But did you know there is sugar in passion fruit? But this road is a fruit line, a simple one. Therefore, it does not increase the amount of sugar in your body. On the contrary, it helps stabilize the amount of insulin in the blood. So doctors recommend that diabetics should consume 1 cup of passion fruit juice daily.

Help the spirit comfortable
Passion fruit helps to cool body temperature. Thanks to that, your brain is much more stressed! From here, getting a good night’s sleep is not difficult. This has also been studied by modern medicine. In sleeping pills contains ingredients similar to the ingredients in passion fruit.

Nutrition source for pregnant mothers
The abundant content of vitamin C of passion fruit will help the child grow the maximum. Moreover this amount of vitamin C also helps to increase the mother’s resistance greatly! Also help mothers avoid some unpleasant symptoms when pregnant again.

Moisturizing and beautifying the skin
Passion fruit products always keep your skin clean but moisturized. Especially if you have oily skin or acne, passion fruit is just like a savior. It will clear bacteria, fight inflammation and quickly clear acne.

In addition to passion fruit, it is also used for people who have problems sleeping. Sleepless, difficult to sleep, insomnia. A glass of passion fruit before bed will help you feel less stressed. From there sleep comes easily and the quality is much better. Because passion fruit has sleepiness.

Enhancing digestive system function
It sounds a little ridiculous because of passion fruit but can cure stomach or digestive problems. But in fact it is! With abundant fiber, your digestive system will be much less tired.

The digestive tract is always clean and rhythmic. Not only the flesh, but also the fiber has a lot of fiber! It will prevent constipation effectively.

And yet passion fruit also helps the joints do not hurt. In addition, it also helps the skin look much more beautiful thanks to the active ingredients in the fruit!

Improve resistance
According to statistics, every 100g of passion fruit has up to 30ml of vitamin C. Not to mention there are many more antioxidants. These substances work together to keep your immune system healthy. Thereby protecting the body from external harmful agents.

Good eyesight
Passion fruit has a lot of vitamin A. And you know vitamin A is great for the eyes. Good eyesight helps to reduce eye problems. Examples are macular degeneration, or cataracts. So use passion fruit to have healthier eyes.

Treatment of asthma
Vitamin C has passion fruit, which not only helps boost the immune system. It also helps your airways become more clean. So will prevent and stop shortness of breath for people with asthma.

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