The amazing benefits of chili

Chili has many health benefits. Peppers contain high levels of nutrients, can help reduce fat, pain, fight flu and kill cancer cells …

The effect of chili

– Helps relieve pain

The capsaicin in peppers also has analgesic effects and is related to anesthetics.

According to researchers at Harvard University (USA), capsaicin can be used as a pain receptor without affecting nerves.

That is the reason why many pharmaceutical companies today use chili extract to take analgesic ingredients to anesthetize patients for surgery, caesarean section …

In addition, people also use capsaicin to make creams for chronic osteoarthritis, muscle spasms and back pain.

– Improve blood circulation

The circulatory system in our body is often clogged due to a high-fat diet and sedentary lifestyle. However, regularly eating chili will help detoxify the blood and reduce cholesterol, help clean blood vessels.

Some people also use chili tea to recover for heart attack patients.


Chili has many effects for health

– Anti-flu

Chili is very good for the immune system, just eating a little chili or pepper also makes you sweat. This helps you cleanse your body and fight off the flu.

In addition, chili also helps to reduce chest tightness and fight inflammation in the respiratory tract.

– Help you sleep well

Australian scientists have found it easier for a group of volunteers to sleep when they eat chili-flavored.

Every day 25 volunteers are fed about 30g peppers / person. As a result, they slept deeper and lasted an average of 30% longer than non-eaters.

– Lose weight

Through research, scientists have shown that the spicy ingredient of chili (capsaicin) creates a great ability to generate heat, has the effect of spreading and burning fat, burning more calories right after meals. eat.

In addition, this substance also helps to increase the metabolic rate in the body, creating a feeling of fullness and thereby helping users to lose weight effectively.

When the body absorbs peppers from peppers, the brain will increase activity, promote the transfer of the nervous system, making the kidneys secrete fluids.

When the kidneys secrete fluid, it will burn fat, which is why chili is known to reduce fat.

– Chili can promote gastric secretion, increase appetite.

– Against cold

Hot peppers can warm the stomach. If you are vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and some other digestive symptoms, a little chili is very effective for you.

– Beauty skin

You may be surprised to learn that peppers can beautify your skin. Chili can promote hormone secretion, improve skin condition.

Many people think that spicy food is part of the cause of smallpox, increasing the negative status of the skin, but in fact the problem is not from chili.

– Resistance to cancer

A miraculous use from chili Capsaicin can accelerate dead cells without damaging healthy cells.

– Heart protection

Often eating chili can effectively delay the development of atherosclerosis.

– Beneficial for diabetes

Capsaicin may play a palliative role for some symptoms of type 1 diabetes.


Chili has many types with different spicy

How to eat well?

It is best to cook the chili then eat it

Chili is processed in many types, can be grinded, pickled with garlic, or to be eaten fresh because the nutrients will be added to richer.

However, it is best to cook chili to eat. Because chili peppers contain lots of capsaicin, can stimulate the oral mucosa and digestion. Once boiled in hot water, the digestive ability of peppers will decrease.

Add spices to the chili

Chilli is spicy, hot and slightly acidic. When adding spices to chili, such as garlic, bamboo shoots or vinegar … you will eat less chili and combine harmoniously with many other spices. This prevents you from eating healthier peppers.

People should not eat chili

– People with diseases related to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, hypertension, and chronic bronchitis should not eat Spicy because capsaicin in chili will increase blood circulation, make the heart beat faster.

People with these conditions who eat spicy for a long time will most likely lead to acute heart failure.

– People suffering from chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer should not eat chili because it may have edematous mucosa, increased gastric motility, affecting the recovery of digestive function.

– People with chronic cholecystitis, gallstones will stimulate the stomach acid to secrete more, making diseases related to gallbladder more serious.

– People with hemorrhoids absolutely eat spicy will have anal abscess. In addition, peppers also cause constipation and make hemorrhoids more serious and difficult to treat.

– People who are suffering from pinkeye, choroid keratitis will make these diseases more serious. Pregnant women and newborns who eat a lot spicy will make the baby affected when breastfeeding.

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