Plantain is a source of nutrition not to be missed

What is a Plantain?
Plantains are small, juicy bananas that become fat when ripe. If you bring boiled bananas, the bananas will gather in the middle of the left. Unlike other bananas, plantain bananas cannot be eaten raw but have to be boiled or processed into something to eat. When eating bananas with a crunchy, crunchy texture, it is easy to eat.

We see on the outside of the banana peel that there are black patches caused by insects clinging to them while they are still on the tree. Plantain bananas are commonly grown in the South but most in Ben Tre and when grown in this province the taste is better than others. In addition to being boiled to eat, plantain bananas are also processed into dishes such as grilled, fried in spices, cooked with coconut milk, cooked with bacon …


What do plantain bananas do?
The bananas, when boiled or processed, look very delicious and when eaten, they also taste quite attractive. Therefore, many people often eat plantain bananas by processing according to their interests, especially people in the southern region. So you know bananas have many uses good for human health yet?

Helps to lose weight
Eating medium-sized banana bananas can meet our needs and it can also help you lose weight very effectively. Eating plantain bananas creates a feeling of fullness that helps you not hungry and rarely crave food. So many people often choose this fruit in addition to their daily weight loss menu. In addition, you can also use whole soybean sprouts in the weight loss menu is quite effective.

Adjust blood pressure
Plantains – Bananas contain a good component of potassium for people with hypertension. The amount of potassium in bananas may also prevent muscle cramps. Besides eating bananas plantain also helps nourish the eyes and improve the nervous system for the human body. So every day you should eat about 2 bananas plantain is best, both weight loss and absorption of good nutrients for a healthier body.

Preventing cancer
According to research by experts at the University of Tokyo, it is similar to seaweed juice in ripe plantain bananas that contain chemical compounds that prevent and inhibit the growth of cells. Carcinogenic. So, bananas are a fruit that many people trust to eat every day for its amazing benefits.

Good for the stomach
If your stomach is poor, often vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, eating bananas will help your digestive system improve. These symptoms gradually disappear if you add a sufficient amount of plantain bananas. Thanks to the fiber content and minerals in plantain bananas, you can avoid constipation and laxative. In addition, you can also combine drinking latex also has many special uses, which help make the skin beautiful and prevent constipation effectively.

Good for the nervous system
The vitamin B6 content in plantain bananas has the ability to help your nerve cells stay healthy. Those who love strenuous activities such as playing sports, jogging, cycling … should eat plantain bananas before activities. The amount of potassium in bananas will support all your activities better,

Reduce the risk of anemia
In addition to the nutritional components contained in banana bananas as analyzed above, plantain also contains abundant amounts of iron that helps stimulate the production of hemoglobin. Thus anemia in your body will be limited to the maximum.


Reduce stress
Plantain bananas also help the body reduce stress, stress from work or life pressure. Every day you should eat two plantain bananas to replenish necessary nutrients and stress, fatigue also gradually dissipates.

Is eating a lot of plantain bananas good?
Bananas are low in fat, so you can safely eat without worrying about gaining weight. Thanks to the natural sweetness of bananas helps you stay full for a long time, limiting your cravings, so it helps to lose weight. Bananas also help our body and mood relax, dissipate feelings of anxiety and depression. Therefore, when eating bananas, you can feel secure about your health.

However, bananas have a lot of special effects, but if you eat too much, it’s not good. Any substance when loaded into the body, although good, but if it is excess, there will sometimes be the opposite reaction. Plantain bananas too, every day you should only eat about 2 fruits is enough, should not eat more.

Too much potassium in the body can cause drowsiness, slow pulse, or damage to your nerves. In addition, you can use some more healthy types such as artichoke cotton, latex trom … to serve more to lose weight and beautify your skin.

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