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Our Story

MT Ltd was established in 2006 with the mission to help the farmers here in Tien Giang  and other nearby regions in the Mekong Delta by buying fruits and vegetables directly from them; we specialize in processing, freezing and exporting these products to different countries. We have four main categories: frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, frozen juices and other frozen products. We first exported our products to the USA. With extensive selections and high quality products at reasonable prices, MT Ltd. has become well known in many more countries like Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Germany and Japan. 

Started with 2 cold storages with the capacity of 200 tonnes and 2 air blast freezers with the capacity of 3 tonnes/shift, after 2 years, we built 1 more cold storage with a greater capacity up to 1,000 tonnes. In 2009, we invested in 1 Individual Quick Freezer (IQF) machine with the capacity of 500 kgs/hour and built another IQF machine in 2011.

In 2012, our factory expanded from 5,000 meters squares to 10,000 meters squares. In 2013, we had one more cold storage with the capacity of 500 tonnes.

We continue to expand another cold storage with the capacity of 400 tonnes in 2016 and a larger cold storage with the capacity of 1,000 tonnes in 2018. In 2019, our company acquired another Freezing Factory, Hai Thanh Ltd., to increase our capacity. MT factory area has now expanded to 17.118,8 meters square. At our factory, we can process up to 60 tonnes of products per day and can store up to 4,500 tonnes of products in our cold storages. 

With the HACCP system, ISO 22000:2005, the certificates from BRC, FSMA and highly-trained workers, our company has successfully processed and exported to many countries about 50 selections of fruits and vegetables. Our main frozen products are corn, chillies, lemongrass, taro, yams, dragon fruits, mangos, bittermelons, papayas, rambutans, jackfruits, mints, okras, chilies, bananas, pineapples and many more.